Located in the west city of Beijing, built in the 8th year of Zhi Yuan (1271 A.D.) and completed 8 years later, the Miao Ying Temple has been well-known for The Great White Pagoda. The White Pagoda was designed by a well-known Nepalese architect and technologist Arniger,filled with Buddhist treasure by master Renqin Jianzan, both of whom recommended by master Ba siba. After its completion, a monastery of great dimensions was constructed around it and granted the name “the Monastery of Greatness, Holy, Longevity and Everlasting Peace and Tranquility”. The monastery was one of the most important projects at the time when Kublai Khan, the first Emperor who first named his kingdom the Yuan, built his great capital city at Dadu (today’s Beijing). The White Pagoda, upside-down alms bowl in design, is the biggest Buddhist pagoda of the Yuan Dynasty ever discovered and preserved in China, being the oldest Buddhist pagoda in Beijing area.





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